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The Big Borders Bogle Hunt

By Jules Horne. Presented by Alchemy Arts 

Heart of Hawick and Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick, 

28th of October, 2023

Writer: Jules Horne

Director: Fiona Mackinnon

Actors: Cate Barr, Esmé Babineaux, Emily larner

Technical support and design: Alchemy Team - Walt Holland, Rachael Disbury, Milo Clenshaw, Michael Pattison

The play placed Hawick at the centre of a fictional inter-dimensional crisis. Featuring newly digitised archive film clips of Hawick between 1960 and 1980, The Big Border Bogle Hunt formulated new ways of engaging with auld footage of our town.

On Saturday 28 October 2023, The Big Border Bogle Hunt culminated in a new play and live cinema performance; and an augmented reality exhibition in Wilton Lodge Park (28 October – 12 November), which showcased community-made archive footage of Hawick accessed via QR codes through mobile phones. The play and AR exhibition also included a new print publication bringing together some of the research underpinning the project.

The Big Border Bogle Hunt was supported by Creative Scotland’s Culture Collective, William Grant Foundation and Women’s Fund for Scotland.

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