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I love the collaboration and creativity that comes from working on new writing. When working as a Dramaturg and Script Reader, I do so with care making sure that the writer's ambitions are at the heart of my feedback. I don't impose my own ideas on a writer, but rather interpreting and helping them find what theirs are.

I have been a script reader for The National Theatre of Scotland and The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh for 4 years. 


  • Director and Facilitator of Class Act (2018-2022)

  • Lead Artist on Social Bite Class Act (2021)

  • Director of The Cleaner by Kate Reid as part of the Breakthrough Writers Scheme

  • Script reader 2017-current

  •  Director for Young Writer's Scratch Night,  April 2017, May 2018, May 2019​

  • As well as working as assistant director on Meet Me at Dawn by Zinnie Harris, and Breakfast Plays: B!rth by Wati Simha, Liwaa Yazji, Stacey Gregg, Kirsten Greenidge. (2017)

National Theatre of Scotland: 

  • Director of Babe Rainbow 2021- Scenes for Survival 

  • Script Reader (2018-Current)

  • Director of The Prison Governor by Gerry Griffin as part of their Breakthrough Writer's Scheme. June 2018

  • As well as being Associate Director on The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan

Playwright Studio Scotland:

  • Director of Mentored Playwrights Sharing/Development (2019,2022)

Edinburgh International Book Festival 

  • Director of One Day Ticket by the Citizens Writing Group (2022)

Borders Pub Theatre:

  • Director of Tweed Tales, Eastgate Theatre (2022), Tweed Tales, Duns Playfest (2022), Take Heart, Heart of Hawick (2021)

Tron Theatre, Glasgow: 

  • Director of Table Read 4 Rats Should Weep by Laurie Motherwell (2019)

  • Director of The Flinching by Clare Marcie as part of Outside Eyes (2017)

Village Pub Theatre:

  • Guest Director (April 2017, April 2018)

Gorilla Arthouse:

  • Directer of Script in hand performance of Banksy:The Room in the Elephant (August 2017) with Gary Beadle.

New Writing 

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