I Can Get Along Without Shoes on my Feet

Created by Fiona Mackinnon

Dramaturgy by Marietta Kirkbride

Sound Design by Nicolette Macleod

Cast: At the Arches

Nicolette Macleod

Tori Burgess

Sarah Miele

Nicole Ubbelohde

National Theatre of Scotland

Nicolette Macleod

Tori Burgess

Kim Allen

Lucy Goldie

 A verbatim piece of theatre that allows an insight into loneliness in ageing, created from interviews and workshops with older aged people, around the theme of Music. The concept was first tried with Tap Tap Theatre Company at the Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol on 9/4/2014, and as part of On The Verge at The Arches, Glasgow on the 3-5/6/2015 and benefited from a script development week with the National Theatre of Scotland in February 2016.

The play was shortlisted for a Sky Arts Award in 2016, and the Bruce Millar Award.