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I Can Get Along Without Shoes on my Feet

Created by Fiona Mackinnon

Dramaturgy by Marietta Kirkbride

Sound Design by Nicolette Macleod

Cast: At the Arches

Nicolette Macleod

Tori Burgess

Sarah Miele

Nicole Ubbelohde

National Theatre of Scotland

Nicolette Macleod

Tori Burgess

Kim Allen

Lucy Goldie

 A verbatim piece that looks into loneliness and music, created from interviews and workshops with people 70+, around the theme of Music. The concept was first tried with Tap Tap Theatre Company at the Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol on 9/4/2014, and as part of On The Verge at The Arches, Glasgow on the 3-5/6/2015 and benefited from a script development week with the National Theatre of Scotland in February 2016.

The play was shortlisted for a Sky Arts Award in 2016, and the Bruce Millar Award. 

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