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The Brutiful Game 

This is the story of.. Fay, Kirsty and Aria, and how they survive the current revolution of Scottish women’s rugby from amateur to professional. Multicapped international Fay, 40, is on her way out, rising star Jen, 23, is heading for pro, and Aria, 35, is injured out of her dream job.

Bringing..the filthy, muddy reality of sport to life on stage, there will be humour, pain and haka. 

Lively, energetic and positive, with a strong theme of what’s beneath – the pain, sacrifice and banality of competitive sport, and the question of what happens when you get injured or old, or stop being a winner. Through three women at different stages of their rugby careers, different successes, we explore: What is sport really about?’ What if passion loses its way? Why are you standing kneedeep in glaur at 7am on a wintry day, with scurls on your knees and a stinking cold?

by Jules Horne

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