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Shall Roger Casement Hang? 

Written by Peter Arnott 

Premiered at the Tron Theatre Glasgow, May 2016

Set at Easter 1916 in prison cells at Scotland Yard, Brixton Jail and the Tower of London, Shall Roger Casement Hang? consists of two conversations between the prisoner Casement and British interrogator Captain Hall, followed by a brief final monologue. Casement has been picked up on the west coast of Ireland, where he has been put ashore by a German U-boat; despite his British establishment credentials as a diplomat knighted for his efforts for king and country, Casement’s support for Irish independence has led him into a wishful association with Britain’s enemies, who he once believed might help the Irish uprising.

Written by Peter Arnott

Director Andy Arnold

Assistant Director Fiona Mackinnon

Set and Costume Design Carys Hobb

Lighting Design Karen Bryce

Sound Design Barry McCall

Performed by Benny Young and Stephen Clyde


"Arnott’s dialogue is pitch-perfect, spare and finely balanced; every other aspect of Andy Arnold’s production offers quietly impressive support"

The Scotsman 


The Times 


The Wee Review

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