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Summer Heart

By Maraike Bruening

Tron Theatre September 8/9th 2016

A solo performance by Maraike Bruening, documenting the life and music of Alice Herz-Sommer. Challenging the familiar recital experience of classical music, Summer Heart is an insight into this extraordinary pianist's life through theatrical writing, illustration and projection, underscored by the live piano music of Frederic Chopin.

Summer Heart introduces some of Chopin's most dramatic concert tudes and is an homage to music, hope and life.

Performer and writer Maraike Bruening

Director Fiona Mackinnon

"The aim of the show is to “challenge the familiar recital experience of classical music”... this intensely moving show certainly achieves that; not least by demonstrating how the classical music tradition, like no other, links the whole epic narrative of Europe in the last 200 years – and how, at this new turning point for our continent, it can still connect us with all the beauty and terror of that narrative, in the beat of a heart."- Joyce McMillan,                                The Scotsman  ★★★★

"this is a vital telling of an important story made up of a series of solos from all artforms."- Neil Cooper, The Herald ★★★★

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