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Perilous Mouth’s Theatre Presents:

The City That Never Sleeps

Written by various writers based in Hong Kong and devised by company. 


Inspired by Cora Bissett’s ‘Whatever Gets You Through the Night’. There is something magical about the lucid hours between Midnight and 4am, and Hong Kong, being a 24 hour city, was the perfect setting. A collage of 24 hour arcades, bedrooms, kitchens, rooftops, clubs and the sleepless souls who inhabit them during those hours. The scenes (and some of the music) were devised in rehearsal or written by Hong Kong writers.

Directed by Fiona Mackinnon. Produced by Clare Stearns and Paul Cabrelli. 

Cast: Awi Curameng

Tiff Chan
Christine Domingo 
Tien Catherine Chong

Hong Kong Fringe Club, 14th-16th of January 2013


Nominated for two HKELD awards in 2013:'Best Show (non-musical)' and 'Best New work'

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