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Photo credit: Mihaela Bodlovic


The Dodo Experiment was a project delivered by the Citizens Theatre WAC Ensemble. Scotland's first care experienced theatre ensemble for young adults aged 18 to 26 in 2019. Find out more about the ensemble.


Aria Reilly / Miss Clara Eynsford Hill Genna Allan
Hugo Winston / Colonel Pickering Hunter Christian Jessen
Layla Arnoult / Mrs Eynsford Hill Shannon Lynch
Trevor Rivers Kieran McKenzie
Bella Constantine / Mrs Higgins Caitlin Ruby Muir
David Knoh / Henry Higgins  Allan Othieno
Peggy Mackay / Miss Eliza Doolittle Natalie Rochacelli
Maddie Douglas / Parlour-Maid / Freddy Eynsford Hill  Louise Scott


Martin Travers and Chloe Wyper

Citizens Theatre WAC Ensemble

20 Apr 2022 - 23 Apr 2022

A Site Specific production performed in Civic House Office Block, Glasgow

A dystopian thriller about a group of aspiring actors trapped in a dark social experiment.

Imprisoned in an abandoned warehouse, a desperate group of failing actors are trapped in a dark experiment. After months of endlessly rehearsing George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion with no director to guide them; some of the ensemble have disappeared leaving the others paranoid and subservient. Sleep-deprived and half-starved their fragile social bonds shatter and implode as a stranger breaks in and incites them to rebel.

You can buy the play text here 

Writers Martin Travers and Chloe Wyper
Director Fiona Mackinnon
Set Designer Christine Ting - Huan Urquhart
Costume Design Elaine Coyle
Lighting Design Stuart Jenkins
Composer/Sound Designer Calum Paterson 
Fight Director EmmaClaire Brightlyn 
Choreographer/Movement Daniel Brawley
Project Support Keira Lucchesi


Photo credit: Alex Brady

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